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simulatedpatientA simulated patient is an individual who, by pretending to be a patient in a consultation, offers health professionals an opportunity to learn, explore and develop their expertise. Simulated patients are also highly effective when used as an aid for consultation skills assessment. In recent years the rapid rise of simulated patients in healthcare training has led to many more people working as and with simulated patients. There is now a growing need for guidance on its benefits and also its potential complications.

The Simulated Patient Handbook is full of practical, hands-on advice and procedures for simulated patients covering all aspects of their work. It includes comprehensive guidelines on the essential skills of characterisation and the giving of feedback.

This is the only manual currently available for simulated patients to learn best practice. The wide-ranging, accessible reference also offers concise, realistic advice to facilitators about setting up, running and participating in sessions using simulated patients – using this extraordinary educational resource to its greatest advantage.

The Simulated Patient Handbook is available on Amazon

or Radcliffe Health


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Article by Sue

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  1. fidud says:

    Thanks Sue for putting this in for me.
    Just thought it might be of interest to Writelink members, since as I have always said, working as a simulated patient is basically just another way to lie for a living! And as we all know, writing is a lying art…so I thought some people might be interested in a bit of part time work in the field. If anybody does fancy it, let me know. Even though I’ve had a career change since writing the book, I am still in touch with people looking for simulated patients, should anyone want any leads. It’s great fun!

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