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  1. fidud says:

    Ok …so am I the only person struggling to post on Thumping Good Reads? I know I am somewhat of a luddite but I can’t fathom this at all! I click on Thumping Good Reads at the top then from the dropdown menu I click on Submit to TGR….but it then asks me to join Writelink again! I’m soooo confused! Any suggestions? x

  2. Sue says:

    Are you logged in and a Writer member? Only Writer members can submit to TGR free of charge

  3. tonyh says:

    Hi everybody! Not been around for a while, I know. Just wanted to give you all the URL for my FIRST EVER novellette, a 28,000 words story entitled ‘The Plot’ about skull-duggery. treasure, love and intrigue on an allotment site, at a truly great price!
    Get one for yourself – e-book only as yet, I’m afraid! – and you’ll understand why it received 5-star reviews. Cheers!

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